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Spanish is my First Language. I learned it from my family, my friends, my culture. My mother taught me to read and write in Spanish. Of course, I took Spanish classes throughout my formal education. In High School I had an outstanding Spanish Teacher made me to fall in love with the beauty and the possibilities of creation of my romantic mother tongue. I learned to speak in front of large and small audiences. I learned to write very short stories. I learned to read "good" books.

English is a language that I feel comfortable with and use frequently. My family lived in Jamaica when I was five years old, so I learned to read and write in English even before in Spanish. Back in Costa Rica, I went to a Bilingual School and took English classes in High School. I improved my knowledge of English during my graduate years in Hartford. I continue to learn the language because it is instrumental for my jobs, my research, and communication with people from many places around the world.

I am also fluent in Portuguese. Seduced by the sounds and the rythm of this language I took Portuguese classes in College. For three years I worked at the Center for Brazilian Studies in San José. Even though I do not have many opportunities to practice, I enjoy reading Portuguese and listening to Brazilian music.

I have learned to research, to be autonomous and to have initiative. I have learned to use digital technologies as a means of communication and as tools to achieve my goals. In the workplace I have learned to be a team player and to collaborate.

I learn social skills by establishing personal and group relations.

I learn movements and rythm by taking ballet classes for beginners; by dancing salsa and merengue; and by listening to many types of music.

I learn from my travels to many diverse places by paying attention to differences.

With my father I learn balance, discipline, responsibilty and honesty. With my mother I learn self-esteem, tolerance, freedom, and careness . With my sister I learn solidarity and courage . With my brother I learn faithfulness and comitment. With my nieces and nephew I learn tenderness.

From love, I learn to be strong and independent.

From joy and success, I learn to be grateful and humble.

From my mistakes, I learn about myself.

From my sufferings, I learn what it is this all about.

With my daughter, I learn to raise to the next stage.

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